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Chandler Reports uses ZIP Code software to detail real estate trends

Rachel Wheeler Archive
ZIP Code software has been used by real estate information company Chandler Reports to provide detailed market information to professionals in Shelby County, Tennessee.

A range of information can be used by financial institutions, developers and investors, and offers data on everything from foreclosures and commercial market conditions to sales and new housing inventories, reports Memphis Daily News.

The reports use information from the Woodstock Institute in Chicago, while Chandler Reports itself recently passed its 40th year as a collator of local real estate information for Memphis and Shelby County.

ZIP Code details have been used to categorize much of the existing information, while quarterly and monthly results are available for all the different types of data.

Chandler Reports subscribers can access services from any computer using just one license, where previously a different license was needed for each computer a subscriber chose to use.

ZIP Code software has been used to collate health data from the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul in Minnesota, according to a report from Minnesota Public Radio.