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‘Change management effort’ needed for data quality initiatives

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to implement enterprise information initiatives, such as data governance, master data management, data quality and business intelligence, must ensure that they take on a sustained “change management effort”, it has been claimed.

Writing on his OCDQ blog, Jim Harris has drawn attention to the fact that “organizational change requires behavioural change”.

As such, companies are required to rally around a single shared purpose which encourages collaboration and highlights the need for change to achieve a certain goal.

The expert argues that to do this businesses need to intentionally create a “slippery slope” which can act as a safe first step and makes it easier for others within the organization to adopt the cause.

Meanwhile, an earlier post by Mr Harris claimed that the success of a data quality initiative depends on whether the people taking on the challenge are able to work effectively and efficiently towards a single common goal.

Posted by Richard Jones