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Chesterfield discussing ZIP Code change

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Community leaders in Chesterfield have met to discuss proposed changes to the town's ZIP Code.

More than 100 residents attended a session at Monacan High School last night (Monday, January 25th), local news provider WTVR reported.

The town is considering changing its ZIP Code over claims that it is losing millions of dollars in tax revenue because of addresses registered in nearby Richmond or Colonial Heights.

County leaders have been attempting to work with the US Postal Service to introduce the changes, which include suggestions to change Chesterfield's postal name.

Recommendations so far have included Clover Hill and Bon Air.

However, some residents are of the view that that the local authorities should be working with the Postal Service to implement the changes, rather than taking on the burden themselves.

One local, Dan Doyle, told WTVR: "If they can't influence the post office, then there is something wrong with the country."