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Top 10 stats from our Chief Data Officer research study

Organizations across the globe are beginning to understand that they should start seeing their data as a competitive advantage as opposed to as a challenge or an obstacle. With the centralization of data management and the rise of the Chief Data Officer position, companies are able to truly leverage their most valuable asset: their data.

We recently conducted a new research study of more than 250 CIOs from companies with over 500 employees in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, professional services, financial services, retail, utilities, healthcare and more. Survey participants were asked about the emerging role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO), the state of their data quality, and the data management practices at their organization.

Here are 10 key takeaways from the research.

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Tweet: 76% of CIOs say they have underutilized data in their business that is costing them money to store via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 49% of CIOs feel increased pressure to provide data to the business via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 34% of CIOs say they lack understanding of the financial impact of data quality issues via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 68% of CIOs believe their current role fails to cover a majority of the responsibilities a CDO would have via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 95% of CIOs believe data is changing the way their organization does business via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: In the last 12 months, 37% of organizations have experienced regulatory risks due to inaccurate data via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 63% of organizations without a CDO would like to see one appointed in the future via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 61% of CIOs expect a CDO to be appointed at their organization in the next 2 years via @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 78% of organizations with a CDO created the role within the last 6 months @ExperianDQ

Tweet: 83% of CIOs believe data is a valuable asset that is not being fully exploited via @ExperianDQ

Our research study examined key barriers to better data usage, the growing responsibility that is being placed on the Chief Information Officer and issues that arise from their increasing workload, how organizations are gearing up for change, as well as the rise of the Chief Data Officer and the powerful impact they are having on businesses today.

For more information about the growing number of Chief Data Officers and how this new role is changing the way organizations look at data management, check out our research report, The Chief Data Officer: Bridging the gap between data and decision-making

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