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Choosing the right data quality tool is 'a challenge'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Choosing the right data quality tool is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the US, it has been claimed.

According to independent technology analyst Ovum, not all of the available solutions are equal and they come with a varying degree of cost.

The comments come after the organization published a report suggesting that bad data is costing US companies 30 per cent of their revenues - a figure which equates to $700 billion.

This is due to the inefficiency it causes as well as costs incurred through lost customers, sales and revenue.

Madan Sheina, author of the report and an Ovum lead analyst, said that there were many data quality tools on the market to help businesses reduce the overall effect on their bottom line.

"Not all the software solutions that are available are equal and as the cost of investment can be high, businesses need to ensure that they are opting for the best technology available to meet their needs," he said.

Posted by Paul Newman