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CIOs need to help workers make better use of data, report suggests

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Business leaders need to do more to help their workers make the best use of data, it has been claimed.

According to new research from BT Global Services, around 44 per cent of all chief information officers (CIOs) feel that they are doing a good job in assisting their IT staff with easy-to-use and effective database management tools.

However, just 28 per cent of employees concur, with many frustrated at the lack of assistance in enabling them to turn simple data into useful business intelligence.

While acknowledging the effect of budget cuts in the IT departments of businesses of all sizes, the report advises that CIOs need to become more engaged with their users and how they help them manage their data.

"The CIO who enables the workforce to make best use of information by turning it into enterprise intelligence might be better described in the future as the chief intelligence officer," the report concludes.

Just last month, the Financial Express advised that clean data is one of the most "cost-efficient" means of carrying out good research in any business field.