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Clean data is 'vital' for CRM

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies looking to see success from their customer relationship management (CRM) systems need to ensure they maintain clean data.

As such, maintaining an effective data management strategy over a period of time should be viewed as essential for business and good working practice.

This is the view of Ryan Vaughn, a columnist for 1to1 Media, who explained that maintaining this "accountability" for data quality and data management initiatives was a "challenge" for many organizations.

"[The] least-glamorous part of the process is also the first reason for CRM failure and end-user dissatisfaction. Getting good data in and getting bad (or old) data out should be a highly visible management priority," Mr Vaughn wrote.

"Ownership must also be clearly identified for ongoing data validation and maintenance to ensure that the data retains integrity."

Meanwhile, a recent whitepaper from CIO has found that enterprise data management is becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to host, track and secure their information.

Posted by Paul Newman