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Clean data 'necessary for direct mail'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While having a wealth of knowledge on a database is seen as a good thing by many marketers, many have been warned that too much data on a mail piece could put customers off.

Not using too many data points on a mail piece is key, as too much familiarity on the marketing piece could be seen as predatory rather than predictive or friendly, according to industry magazine Target Marketing.

Lisa Freeman, senior vice president of client strategy at Merkle, told the news source that it was important to use data points in a relevant way to the service or product that is being offered, rather than bombarding recipients with information and placing their name into every paragraph.

She added: "It's easy to get carried away and create a high number of versions and variations. However, marketers must keep economics in mind as they determine the data variables to use in their packages.

"It is easy to create inefficiencies in production and mailing processes that will increase costs and make it difficult for that unique mail cell to deliver positive ROI."