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Cloud-based services can help the government reduce costs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Public sector organizations have been advised to look to cloud computing services if they want to reduce costs.

Alastair Mitchell, co-founder and chief executive officer of Huddle, claims that the technology could be boosted by government spending cuts.

The expert highlights that a large number of private sector organizations have already embraced the solution and he cites Gartner's prediction that growth and adoption of the service is likely to continue.

In addition to the obvious cost-saving benefits, Mr Mitchell says that cloud computing also comes with a number of other benefits.

"Government organizations that support mobile and remote working can offer their staff a better work/life balance as information can be accessed from wherever they are located," he explains.

"Cloud-based tools break down communication barriers [helping] to drive projects forward, increase cross-government collaboration and improve communication with both internal and external stakeholders."

Reuters reported earlier this year that the US government is looking to implement as many cloud computing solutions as possible in the future, provided there are no issues with privacy and security.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler