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Cloud-based services can help to 'displace' IT problems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that look to adopt cloud computing services will be able to realize a number of benefits, it has been claimed.

David Bradshaw, European Software as a Service and cloud services research manager at the International Data Corporation (IDC), has said that organizations are able to relieve themselves of a certain degree of responsibility by implementing the software.

"The public cloud allows organizations to displace a problem and shift it into the cloud," he explained. "Their businesses' jobs becomes not building and maintaining the systems, but perhaps using these systems most effectively."

Indeed, this would mean that a third-party would run the system which would mean that businesses would not be "responsible for that IT equipment".

Mr Bradshaw's comments come after recent research published by IDC revealed that revenue for public cloud computing is set to grow from $582 million in 2009 to $718 million in 2014.

Meanwhile, according to industry analyst Gartner, government groups may want to adopt cloud-based services when they are faced with budget cuts.

Posted by Paul Newman