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Cloud-based services must be more secure

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that decide to opt for cloud-based services run the risk of allowing a third party access to their data, it has been claimed.

Origin Storage has warned that organizations may run into problems if they decide to hand control of their information to a separate operator.

According to Andy Cordial, managing director of the storage solutions provider, for maximum security in-house storage is the most secure method.

"The main advantage here is control. Physical storage puts you in control and not a third party," he explained.

"Cloud is in an option, but all clouds will be centrally administered by a third party and therefore out of your control."

His comments come in the wake of a Business Week investigation which found that although cloud computing storage can cut a company's costs by as much as 20-25 per cent, there were still concerns regarding the security of the information.

In addition, many cloud customers revealed misgivings over the fact that they were unable to find out where their data is being physically stored.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler