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Cloud can enhance business operations

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While cloud computing was initially seen as a technology to be leveraged by small and medium-sized businesses to enhance efficiency and gain a competitive advantage, enterprises are beginning to see that the cloud can also help large firms enhance data quality. Nearly all companies that adopt cloud-based services will experience cost and productivity benefits, according to a report by JDA Software.

"The cloud services model is shifting from just the delivery of capacity to the delivery of improved business results - or capability," JDA Software senior vice president Joe King said. "This shift is due to the cloud customer's demands for more than just technology to solve business challenges but rather a desire to improve their business results - all delivered via the cloud."

When migrating to the cloud, decision-makers should be sure the virtual environment is safe and secure, thereby enhancing data quality and protection, the news source said. Although most cloud architectures are inherently secure, developing a robust service-level agreement will help distribute accountability of sensitive information.

While SLAs can help companies manage the cloud, decision-makers should not set unrealistic expectations as to what they wish to get out of the technology, InformationWeek said.