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Cloud can help companies prepare for big data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While managing the growth of information can be challenging to some organizations, leveraging cloud computing technologies can help decision-makers remain productive in their efforts to do so. By using cloud-based services during the advent of big data, organizations can enhance the flexibility and availability of mission-critical solutions, according to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Disparate infrastructure systems will no longer be able to manage the rapid expansion of information, and the lack of scalability often makes legacy equipment inadequate for a growing business, the news source said. Cloud computing, on the other hand, enables organizations to migrate as much or as little information to a virtual environment as necessary without negatively impacting data quality.

Additionally, many cloud-based environments are much more secure than traditional storage systems, which is important for companies that have large informational databases on customers.

According to a separate study by CA Technologies, many businesses in the United States are migrating to the cloud because of the technology's ability to enhance data security. The survey found that more than half of decision-makers expect to increase their use of the cloud to improve business continuity and disaster recovery plans, since the hosted service is available virtually anywhere with an internet connection.