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Cloud computing 'can benefit charities'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing can be of benefit in many areas, including charities, it has been noted.

Holly Ross, chief executive officer of the Nonprofit Technology Network, explained that the cloud is the next big technology trend that will help charities to focus on areas other than daily operational tasks.

Speaking at the Connecting Up 2011 Conference, Ms Ross was reported by Probono Australia as saying that the rise of the cloud is allowing charities to divert more time and resources to enhancing people's lives.

She explained that the cloud can offer as much flexibility as is required by the organization, while also saving money by allowing groups to scale down.

However, she added that organizations need to understand their own data and learn how to visualize it properly so as to get the most of what they already have access to.

Technology has given the not for profit sector the opportunity to reinvent what it does, Ms Ross concluded.