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Cloud computing changing data management processes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Use of cloud computing has generated a permanent shift in the field of data management, new survey results indicate.

A poll of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) by CIO magazine has revealed that 83 per cent of firms are using some form of virtualized network.

In addition, one-quarter of respondents said their company was on its way to having a completely virtualized data center.

Further investigation shows that small businesses are also buying into the idea of cloud computing, although they are taking more precautions to protect themselves against loss of data.

This includes the purchase of NAS systems to act as a back-up for the cloud network.

Research from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has recently suggested that use of cloud computing is set to be the "key driver" of new IT spending over the next five years.

Business will be spending not only on the service itself, but on new technology to make the most of the system, the IDC claims.

Posted by Richard Jones