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Cloud computing 'could be ideal for address data storage'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Posted by Paul Newton

Companies that are looking to hold and process address data for the first time should consider using a cloud computing solution, an expert has claimed.

Stuart Hibbert, chief executive of, has asserted that this is the most effective way as it combines a high degree of functionality with a low price.

He highlighted the fact that the facilities are not run in-house as the biggest advantage of this system, as it will remove the burden of ensuring there is adequate data security and facilities.

"You don't need to actually have your own servers, you don't have to back things up, it's going to be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week – you pay a small price for some great functionality," Mr Hibbert explained.

Those using cloud computing may need to revise their privacy policies, as Gartner has claimed that this will be a major driver behind companies reviewing these in the next 12 months.