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Cloud computing cuts worries for businesses

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses will have far less to worry about if they decide to utilize a cloud computing strategy, it has been stated.

Sachin Duggal, from the cloud computing company Nivio, has told the Business Standard that there are many advantages to the internet-based computing solution.

One of which revolves around the lack of troubles that a business will have to concern itself with, in terms of backing up information, viruses and software that keeps expiring.

However, with cloud computing, these problems are non existent.

Mr Duggal told the news provider: "The processing, storage and applications that today happen in your PC will relocate to a data center."

"So, if you are a full cloud user, someone could take your PC away and give you another one and you would experience no disruption at all. You wouldn't have to restore from backup or anything. Your life would be fully online."

Businesses with fears regarding security in terms of cloud computing should have no issues if the correct security policies are in place, Mark Andrews, head of IT at Park Cakes, recently told

Posted by Rachel Wheeler