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Cloud computing 'frees valuable office space'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies who are finding themselves pressed for space in the office might want to look into cloud computing.

According to Bruce Hoernecke, president and chief executive of BBH Solutions, business owners can reclaim valuable real estate by making use of cloud computing and hosting services for their data and applications.

The cloud allows users to host their information in a remote data service and have whatever they require delivered on demand via the internet.

With real estate prices rising in cities, this ability to outsource could be come increasingly important.

Mr Hoernecke explained: "The cloud offers secure and reliable access to your business information and applications from virtually any point on the globe via the internet.

"Companies that 'enter the cloud' also realize substantial savings on initial hardware investments because they can leverage their provider's existing infrastructure."

The cloud also allows data to be reduced to a significantly smaller space on a data center rack, instead of taking up important space in the office.