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Cloud computing 'has many benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations that are looking to cut costs and gain additional storage capacity will be able to recognize the benefits by opting for a cloud computing package, it has been suggested.

According to Kenneth Kucera, chief executive officer of First National Technology Solutions, explained that the service offers businesses access to a wide range of new capabilities.

"Cloud computing is a fully scalable, secure, virtualized hosting option that can lower a company's overall capital investments in both hardware and development costs, while supporting business growth," Mr Kucera said.

Indeed, some of the key advantages that could be realized by organizations include the ability to pay only for the capacity used and the elimination of expensive secure internet access, as well as the eco-friendly advantages of virtual storage.

Mr Kucera was speaking after it was announced that FNTS has added cloud computing to its repertoire of hosted and remote managed services.

Business connectivity provider Star has claimed that thanks to the benefits of the software, cloud-based provision will sustain its growth.

Posted by Richard Jones