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Cloud computing helps give small businesses a 'competitive edge'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Smaller businesses are getting a competitive edge over their larger counterparts thanks to safe and efficient data management services in the cloud, it has been suggested.

This is the view of Safe Technologies, which notes that the hosted management software has given small organizations the chance to utilize the latest technology at a fraction of the cost.

As such, the firm explains that many small and medium sized enterprises are now able to compete with larger companies that had not embraced the software.

"SaaS and cloud computing are transforming the way that services are delivered to businesses. Applications that used to be cost prohibitive are now available to just about any business." Christopher Kolb, president of Safe Technologies, said.

"The result is that small, technologically savvy businesses are able to compete with much larger companies that have not embraced the new digital economy."

Meanwhile, recent research from independent technology analyst Gartner has forecast that by 2015, one-third of all spending on customer relationship management software will be for SaaS technology.

Posted by Paul Newman