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Cloud computing 'improves business security'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Switching to cloud computing could be an effective way of making sensitive corporate information more secure.

Speaking to Fox Business, chief executive of oDesk Gary Swart revealed his company stores data in the cloud, which can be accessed by staff who are working from home.

This, he said, is a safer option than issuing log-in details to remote workers so they can access the company server off-site.

"It's great for making sure we are all singing from the same sheet of music," Mr Swart commented.

He added that he prefers using video conferencing technology to keep in touch with home workers rather than the telephone.

Mr Swart said this is because it allows him to see his employees, thereby enabling him to make eye contact and interpret their body language.

He was speaking after the Institute for Defense & Government Advancement revealed more and more businesses around the world are switching to cloud computing.

Posted by Paul Newton