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Cloud computing 'is a game-changer for SMEs'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Storing data in the cloud could be particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the world, experts have suggested.

According to ISACA, the non-profit IT association, cloud computing offers a "unique opportunity" to businesses of all sizes.

This, it said, is because it means technology infrastructure is no longer a "market differentiator" for companies.

Ramses Gallego, from the guidance and practices committee at ISACA, said cloud computing is therefore a "game-changer" for SMEs, as it helps to level the playing field between them and their larger rivals.

ISACA added that the "growing shift to cloud computing can deliver significant value" for businesses.

However, it stressed that the true potential of the technology can only be realized through proper governance and effective data management.

The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement recently predicted that the cloud computing market will continue to boom over the next few years around the world.

Posted by Richard Jones