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Cloud computing 'is one to watch'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing has been flagged up as one of the key seven health care technologies to watch.

Baseline Magazine explained that organizations in the sector are increasingly using cloud computing to store and share data and documents.

However, a number of other technologies are becoming popular among health care providers.

Advances in predictive analytics in particular are allowing groups to understand risks and outcomes in new and useful ways.

Meanwhile, desktop virtualization is permitting facilities to use their desktop to manage resources more effectively and securely.

The news source also highlighted the fact that electronic medical records applications are becoming more advanced.

This allows them to provide a higher level of integration and "far more sophisticated sharing".

Real-time location services are also helping organizations to slim down their costs.

According to consulting firm Axendia, typical health care organizations procure 20 per cent more equipment than they need.

Using WiFi and radio-frequency identification tracking systems can dramatically lower these costs.