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Cloud computing is 'the future'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses that are looking to adopt cloud computing applications will be pleased to hear that the technology has been described as the "future for IT and the web".

According to an article by Men's Lifestyle and News Spot, the service has already begun to revolutionize the way in which mailing, file storage and customer's record management is undertaken.

The news provider highlights the cost benefits that can be realized by companies that decide to utilize cloud-based applications, such as software as a service.

"A new era is knocking at our doors with emerging technologies and ease of use and this is all possible by using cloud computing at enterprise level."

"Although there are still issues related to security and quality of service, one can see from a cost perspective that it will bring a great boom in the field of ICT," the article noted.

Indeed, these security risks are proving to be the biggest detractor of the service.

Earlier this year, a study conducted by the ISACA found that almost half of IT professionals questioned believe that the risks outweigh the benefits.

Posted by Richard Jones