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Cloud computing 'maturing rapidly'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has revealed that use of cloud computing is maturing rapidly.

Conducted by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the survey of international firms found that 70 per cent of respondents are either using or currently investigating cloud computing for remotely hosted applications or data storage.

Of those that have already engaged cloud services, 60 per cent report that they are seeing business value from the decision.

Patrick Patla, general manager and vice-president of Server and Embedded Divisions at AMD, said that it is time to "reshape the way we think about cloud technology".

"The findings point to the fact that while the era of cloud computing has arrived, there are radically different attitudes, approaches, concerns and levels of maturity depending on business environment," he added.

"As an industry, we must provide clear guidance about how to optimize hardware and software for all types of clouds, focusing on custom parts for specific workloads that are prevalent in the cloud and the appropriate balance of performance, power and cost efficiency they require."