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Cloud computing may benefit data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New data management technology could help businesses grow, it has been claimed.

Zahl Limbuwala, chartered fellow of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, said that cloud computing reduces the financial risk facing businesses when they need to create a data center for storage and archiving.

"Rather than deploying capital in data centers, IT hardware and software, businesses can now 'rent' or 'subscribe' to services on an as-needed basis," he explained.

"This reduces risk for businesses that might otherwise struggle with the capital cost investment."

Using cloud computing for data management solutions allows businesses to accurately forecast their demand, as well as benefiting from flexibility and scalability which will give the company room to grow in the future.

In addition, Rhonda Ascierto, senior analyst at Ovum, said that cloud data centers tend to be optimized for greater levels of energy efficiency.

However, she warned that they could increase a company's carbon footprint over time as firms are likely to "considerably" increase scalability.

Posted by Richard Jones