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Cloud computing 'offers practical benefits to new businesses'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New businesses that are looking to trim their outgoings have been encouraged to store data and applications in the cloud.

According to Real Status, the technology offers many practical benefits to firms, such as a reduction in their running costs.

Indeed, chief executive Royce Murphy said his company does not need to invest in as much IT infrastructure and technology expertise now that it is using the cloud.

"We have been able to avoid buying equipment we don't need on a permanent basis," he commented.

Mr Murphy noted that other benefits provided by cloud computing include reduced power consumption.

This means businesses can also save money on their utility bills and allocate the cash to other parts of their operation.

Mr Murphy added that cloud computing is more secure than using an internal server, as cloud providers can invest far more heavily in security than one small business.

He was speaking after a report by Gartner revealed the technology is attracting the attention of many "budget-minded" company bosses.