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Cloud computing popular across different industries

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new report has suggested that cloud computing strategies have become an accepted part of a number of industries as well as IT.

The study, which was conducted by Markets and Markets, looked at the current state of the global market for the software and analyzed the trends and forecasts of the primary markets.

"Cloud computing has helped businesses to virtually use computer infrastructure, services and platforms as per their requirements with reduced cost," the global market research and consulting company said.

"[It] has not only become the part of computing industry but also is widely accepted by different industries."

However, Markets and Markets accepted that, although adoption of cloud-based services was growing, it carries some risks which prevent its widespread uptake in areas such as banking and finance.

According to an article on, cloud computing is expected to revolutionize the health industry.

In addition to saving costs and making information more accessible and secure, uptake of the data storage technology will enable practitioners to view detailed information on patients from anywhere in the world.

Posted by Richard Jones