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Cloud computing set to be popular for government and business users

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The uptake of cloud computing among large enterprises is likely to become even more popular, as individuals look to take advantage of its cost-saving and efficient nature.

According to an article by Yomiuri, the service, which allows users to store and access data via internet-based networks, is likely to be utilized by government agencies as well as corporate clients.

However, many organizations still harbor concerns surrounding storing sensitive information on external servers.

The news company reports that a number of cloud computing providers are now successfully marketing the service as being safer and more secure than was previously believed.

Because of this, a number of firms are now rushing to improve their technology and capitalize on the predicted rapid growth which is likely to be seen within the industry.

Earlier this year, business connectivity provider Star claimed that cloud computing was set to become more popular, thanks to the numerous benefits it possess in comparison to in-house storage systems.

Posted by Richard Jones