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Cloud computing 'sets stage for new approach to IT'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The emergence of cloud computing could profoundly change people's relationship with IT, analysts have stated.

According to Gartner, the technology has "set the stage for a new approach to IT" among both individuals and businesses.

This, it said, is because they are able to choose how they will purchase or deliver certain services and place less emphasis on their own hardware and software.

David Cearley, vice president of Gartner, commented: "Cloud computing has a significant potential impact on every aspect of IT and how users access applications, information and business services."

He added that the technology has established itself as a major trend in the last few years.

Gartner believes cloud computing offers a number of advantages to end users, such as reduced costs and improved flexibility with regards to their IT systems.

This, it said, means firms can spend their money on higher value added activities, reduce risk and stimulate innovation across their business.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler