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Cloud computing strategy attractive as cost management method

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to do a better job at managing their costs and their personnel may find cloud computing to offer an "attractive solution", it has been suggested.

Citing her thoughts for Network World, Kerrie Meyler has indicated that the emergence of cloud computing has been among the biggest developments in IT in the past 12 months.

She notes that businesses are drawn to cloud computing services because it allows them to prioritize their work better and ensure that targets are reached.

Ms Meyler said: "Given our tight economic times, cloud computing can be an attractive solution to managing costs and personnel.

"Using a hosting solution for services such as email allows organizations to focus their efforts on processes and systems specific to their business."

She added that hosted solutions could prove especially beneficial for small businesses in terms of doing away with the need for IT staff to be housed in the office.

Business continuality and disaster recovery are among the drivers for the increased take up of cloud computing services, Hugo Harber, director of convergence and network strategy at Star, recently highlighted.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler