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Cloud computing 'to echo the industrial revolution'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The move to data management and processes in the cloud will not be unlike the industrial revolution, it has been claimed.

Speaking to, Neil Smyth, marketing and technology director at StatPro, said that like the revolution, cloud computing will undergo a period of massive growth that will transform the industry as it is known today.

He explained that because the new technology was considered to be important, resources and efforts were directed towards it to promote its development.

"And it quickly moved to people just plugging into [electricity], and consuming it. Rather than having to worry and provide their own power source, they were able to consume it as a service," he added.

This view was supported by Ben Grele, director of the IT services practice group at Burr Pilger Mayer, who told Smart Business magazine that adopting cloud computing for data management will allow companies to focus on running their firms.

Posted by Paul Newton