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Cloud computing to increase in popularity further

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Hosted data management solutions such as cloud computing are set to become one of the most popular trends in IT in the coming years, it has been claimed.

That is according to August-Wilhelm Scheer, president of Bitkom, who believes that many internet users are already utilizing the technology without even knowing it.

Mr Scheer noted that the hosted software has been around for quite some time and many people have been using it in some form for many years.

However, he added that despite the fact that the technology is so widespread this should not detract from the fact that cloud computing is changing the way data management is undertaken.

Speaking at the CeBIT expo in Hanover, Germany, the industry expert said: "Cloud computing is the mega-trend in the high-tech sector. It is going to change the IT sector completely."

The comments come as managed services provider Advanced 365 urges small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt cloud computing working practices to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Posted by Richard Jones