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Cloud computing 'to overtake desktop by 2020'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing is likely to take on a renewed importance in the coming years, with research predicting that it will overtake desktop computing by 2020.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center as part of its American Life Project, if the technology is able to overcome issues relating to access, security and inoperability it is likely to become the primary data storage method.

Almost 900 internet and technology experts were questioned by the report, with the majority believing that in the future business will be conducted using shared mobile platforms and smart phone applications.

"By 2020, the norm will be pocket, powerful computer devices that are networked and utilizing data and applications from the cloud," Next Gov reported Robert Cannon, senior counsel for internet law at the Federal Communications Commission, as saying.

"The benefit of a general-purpose PC will increasingly beg the cost."

Earlier this year, the Association for Information and Image Management Europe claimed that security needed to be a primary focus for cloud computing providers.

Posted by Richard Jones