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Cloud computing to revolutionize health industry

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The use of cloud computing within health-focused organizations is set to revolutionize the way in which data is stored and clinical records are accessed, it has been claimed.

According to an article on, the service will save costs, as well as making information more accessible and secure.

Uptake of the data storage technology by health organizations will mean that practitioners will be able to view detailed information on patients from anywhere in the world - provided they have access to the internet.

This in turn is likely to have a positive knock-on effect on the levels of care which are afforded to individuals in care.

"The power of cloud computing is a power that is going to affect our practices. The shift to running our clinic software through powerful remote servers is going to reduce hardware requirements needed to run clinics," the article added.

Worldwide spending on software as a service and other cloud-based solutions by businesses is expected to reach $112 billion over the course of the next five years, new research from Gartner has predicted.

Posted by Paul Newman