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Cloud computing transforms IT, helps companies take more risks

Rachel Wheeler Archive
More businesses today are implementing cloud computing services to enhance data quality and improve operational efficiency. While the innovative technology can bring substantial benefits, it also introduces change and forces decision-makers to address IT transformations if they wish to remain competitive, according to a report by TechTarget.

By migrating applications and data to cloud-based environments, organizations can reduce the number of IT staff members needed, as the hosted services are managed off-site. This enables businesses to cut costs and take more risks, without sacrificing data quality or security, the news source said.

"You can take more risks, be more creative and dynamic [in the cloud]," CloudOps CEO Ian Rae said, according to TechTarget. "You no longer have to over-invest in a project that doesn't end up doing very well."

Healthcare facilities, in particular, are investing more into cloud computing technologies to ensure sensitive information is protected and easily accessible on a number of platforms. According to MarketsandMarkets, more healthcare organizations will adopt the cloud in 2014 and beyond because of its elasticity and scalability, enabling companies to migrate more information to the hosted environments without stretching their budgets.