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Cloud computing uptake to grow in the CRM industry

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing growth has been bolstered over the past year by businesses looking to upgrade their customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Centerbeam has reported on a recent study conducted by CRM Buyer which predicted that many organizations will be using the cloud as the foundation for their new IT infrastructure.

As a result, the report anticipates cloud computing to grow substantially in the CRM industry in the coming year.

"According to the report, software acquisition in the CRM industry is being driven by companies seeking programs that can improve productivity, reduce costs and generate new revenue," Centerbeam explained.

"With cloud computing offering all of those benefits and the CRM industry looking to make wholesale technological upgrades, 2011 could be a year of substantial cloud computing expansion."

Furthermore, the news provider highlighted the growing importance of integration for CRM companies, as they increasingly turn to multiple vendors to meet their needs.

Posted by Paul Newman