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Cloud data management boosts security

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Combining data management with cloud computing cuts the chance of losing data and reduces security risks, Fasthosts Internet has said.

Steve Holford, marketing director at the online services supplier, said: "By implementing a company-wide online method for data storage, a firm can ensure that data is always transferred and stored as encrypted."

Moving information that is encrypted ensures that if it does get lost it is unusable by cyber criminals.

However, more importantly, giving employees the option to access online data management facilities from any computer at any time via cloud computing will prevent the temptation to use personal unencrypted storage devices such as USB sticks and laptops.

"An online solution means that employees are maintaining consistent levels of security [and] that the risk of physical loss is greatly reduced," Mr Holford said.

His comments follow findings from Fasthosts Internet that revealed one in four people have committed at least one 'data security sin' such as losing a thumb drive, leaving a laptop unattended or leaving work data in a car overnight.

Posted by Richard Jones