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Cloud data management security 'vital'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The security of data management held on the cloud is very important, it has been noted.

Tyler Carter, senior group manager for product marketing at security firm McAfee, explained that preventing intrusion and blocking hacking attacks on network assets are two "extremely important" matters in today's virtualized landscape.

Speaking to Infosecurity, Mr Carter added: "Every day we see another example of data center environments, web servers, and databases that have been compromised due to insufficient network security.

"Just because you transition that critical infrastructure from a physical environment to a virtual environment doesn’t mean that you can slacken your threat prevention effort."

The comments follow research conducted by Network World on behalf of McAfee and Brocade.

It revealed that 77 per cent of information security decision makers at North American companies see rate intrusion prevention as "critical" or "important", while 26 per cent view targeted attacks as their biggest concerns.