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Cloud is not ideal for every company, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The cloud is not the answer for every records management system, it has been claimed.

Speaking to, Ara Trembly, principal of The Tech Consultant, said that it is important organizations really study their records management needs, processes and security concerns, as well as identifying the value of the data to the business before even considering the cloud.

She told the source that it would be unwise for organizations with sensitive, financial or medical data to store it in the cloud due to the inherent security risks virtual systems present.

"The problem with the cloud and with any online application is that online security is really pretty bad and I don't expect that to improve significantly. And the reason it is so bad is that information is sellable, so if someone steals it, they can sell it," Ms Trembly told the source.

She added that she doubted this issue would be overcome in the future.

New research by Carbonite revealed that theft accounted for ten per cent of data losses in small firms.

Posted by Paul Newton