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Cloud making waves in restaurant supply chain

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud computing is starting to make a difference in the restaurant supply chain, it has been noted.

By using web-enabled business intelligence (BI) systems, distributors can view the supply chain in the food and beverage industry without investing in a data center, explained Michael Singer in a blog for

Distribution Market Advantage (DMA) operates with a cloud-based BI system to effectively monitor and cross-reference stock and delivery information for its clients, some of the biggest restaurant brands in the US.

Highlighting the advantage of the technology, ThinkerNet contributor Jeff Kaplan says, as cited by the article: "The strategic value of these [BI] services can make them 'stickier' and help create a new form of competitive advantage."

Meanwhile, IT procurement and sourcing managers have been advised by a Gartner report to check contractual terms before moving to the cloud.

Alexa Bona, research vice-president at the firm, said that cloud solutions can have lower initial and switching costs, but can also have hidden costs and risks that "require unique terms for contract protection".

Posted by Rachel Wheeler