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Cloud services are key to business innovation

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The majority of organizations consider cloud computing to be key to improving business, a study has found.

According to the Yankee Group's '2010 FastView Survey: Cloud Computing Grows Up', 60 per cent of enterprises view the software as a viable technology.

The figure represents a massive change from the 2009 study, in which just 37 per cent of organizations were confident of its uses.

Elsewhere, due to security and privacy issues private or internal cloud providers are preferred to public cloud infrastructures.

The majority of companies were keen to make their IT cloud infrastructure similar to that used by Amazon or Google - although only 17 per cent view the two organizations as trusted cloud partners.

"Cloud computing is on the cusp of broad enterprise adoption," Sheryl Kingstone, research director at Yankee Group and co-author of the report, concluded.

The Association for Information and Image Management advised companies to familiarize themselves with cloud computing and software as a service solution in case uptake of the software becomes obligatory.

Posted by Richard Jones