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Cloud technologies improve the syncing of data across platforms

Richard Jones Archive

With the evolution of information technology, companies now have more potential than ever to use cloud technologies for improving their access to big data. Using the cloud, businesses can collect information on their customers and business-to-business clients and easily share it with co-workers.

Companies today have the ability to manage data on a variety of platforms. They can save it on their local hard drives, share it via cloud solutions and access it remotely using mobile devices. Thanks to the symbiotic relationship between cloud and mobile, companies can now undertake new big data initiatives more quickly than ever.

Jim Harris, data quality expert at the OCDQ Blog, believes that improving technology offers an opportunity for greater sharing of information within businesses.

"Perhaps the biggest driver of the cloud-based changes to come is the way many of us are using the cloud today - as a way to synchronize data across our multiple devices, the vast majority of which nowadays are mobile devices," Harris wrote.

The implications of this development could be huge. With improved synchronization, companies can easily move data internally among various departments.

Human resources offices could use the cloud to store data about employees' productivity, their career development and their salaries and benefits. Doing so could help them monitor the development of their human capital.

Accounting departments could manage all of their businesses' financial information, and corporate money managers could easily collaborate on budgets by transmitting cloud data. This would lead to less time and money being wasted by inefficient budgeting procedures.

Corporate legal aides could help clear up disputes in their offices by accessing accurate, up-to-date information on their businesses' legal affairs.

Companies have more potential than ever to store data in the cloud and use it to accomplish more each day. They should make sure to integrate this capability across all corners of their operations.