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Cloud technology can help with data management needs

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Cloud technology is fundamentally redefining and reshaping the way companies operate. Rather than storing all important company data within a mainframe in-house, the cloud allows massive virtual data storage to be done remotely.

"The cloud levels the playing field for [small and mid-sized businesses], helping them compete in today’s quickly changing business environment, by spending less time and money on IT and more time focused on their most important priority - growing their businesses," Marco Limena, vice-president of Microsoft, told the American Bankers Association.

The cloud offers mobility and interoperability, allowing remote workers to access pertinent job-related information anytime, which is why some corporations are combining this technology with data quality management services.

The importance of data quality is well-known in many areas of business. By ensuring data is accurate and up-to-date, business owners can avoid having to spend crucial funds on costly returns, extra shipping and travel expenses.

By combining data quality services with cloud technology, a company can attack efficiency on two fronts. The strategy essentially allows businesses to operate 24/7 by allowing around-the-clock, real-time access to company information, as it is stored through a remote client rather than on premises. Utilizing a third-party data quality solutions provider can minimize potential mistakes and maximize any company's productivity.

By Paul Newton