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Cloud to leverage predictive analytics

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new set of cloud computing services will help education systems to leverage predictive analytics.

Provided by IBM, the services are designed to deliver advanced software, computer lab resources and services to students and researchers within the education sector.

It is hoped that this will allow education providers to access real-time insights on students and institutional performance.

This should enhance the effectiveness of their researchers, while also alleviating the constraints of lab resources.

Michael King, vice-president of IBM Global Education Industry, commented: "Cloud computing offers educational institutions the ability to transform learning processes to be more student-centered, as well as the potential to reduce costs through shared services."

Predictive analytics should function to help administrators and teachers identify people who have the greatest propensity to succeed.

However, students who are at-risk should also be flagged up by the technology, allowing education establishments to apply resources and interventions most effectively.