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College preparation dependent on data quality, says expert

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Improvements need to be made to data quality if high schools are to produce students who are better-prepared for college, according to experts.

JB Schramm, the founder and chief executive officer of the Washington-based College Summit, said that schools need access to accurate data on how their students are doing in college.

With this, educational institutions can tailor their programs to make them more effective in preparing students for further study.

However, Mr Schramm says that action on this issue needs to come from state governments.

"Only states have the incentive, the means, the impartiality, and the stamina to get this information in the hands of educators," he told delegates at the conference.

David Howard-Jones, a partner at global consultancy firm Oliver Wyman, poor data quality in the private sector costs US businesses between ten and 20 per cent of their operating profits.

Posted by Richard Jones