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Colleges and universities embrace data-gathering solutions

Rachel Wheeler Archive
 An increasing number of colleges and universities are looking to gather and utilize data to improve their performance, it has been suggested.

Software provider Oracle claims that it has seen uptake of its business solutions by educational institutions rise recently, with many schools looking to operate in a more strategic manner.

Citing California State University as an example, the organization explains that the applications have helped to standardize reporting practices as well as save money through consolidation and common business practices.

Jessie Lum, senior director for CMS at the university, says that the need to gather data is higher than ever and by utilizing the solutions more effective short and long-term strategies for the university can be realized.

"Considering the tough economic climate for higher education institutions throughout the country, it is critical for universities to gather business-critical information in a concise and efficient manner to ensure they are making optimal financial decisions," she adds.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler