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Colorado post office to make operational changes

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The post office in Grand Junction, Colorado, is to introduce operational changes to consolidate delivery routes and prevent carrier job losses.

There will be postal route changes to five ZIP Codes in the region, with several being consolidated to create full working days for carriers and to ensure that jobs are all protected in the area, reports the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

The only changes local residents may become aware of will be different delivery times on Saturdays and separate carriers actually going from door to door.

Changes have had to be made in response to lower mail volumes over recent months, which in turn is largely due to the recession and wider global downturn.

In other news, a new post office has been opened in North Robinson, Ohio, as local resident Kim Brown has converted her house garage into a delivery centre for the benefit of her local community, according to the Galion Inquirer.

She opened the new post office after the previous postmistress retired.