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Comms industry to put customer service first

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The communication industry has promised to improve its customer service, it has been reported.

In a submission to the ACMA, Communications Alliance and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Industry Association have acknowledged that customer service levels need to be improved, IT Wire reports.

However, the two companies believe that this improvement would be best achieved as an industry, rather than through regulation.

The joint submission reads: "There is now a widespread recognition by service providers that performance across the sector must be improved, and a stronger desire to take action to achieve this."

"If the industry participants cannot improve their performance within a co-regulatory framework, the result will invariably be the imposition of further direct telecommunications-specific regulation."

Meanwhile, online retail sites have been told that they must put the customer at the center of their business, to improve their bottom line.

Writing for ZD Net, industry expert John Knightly, highlighted the importance of good customer service and interaction for e-commerce retailers.

Posted by Richard Jones