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Community colleges getting 'help with data collection and analysis'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A number of community colleges across the US have signed up to be part of a new initiative aimed at boosting the quality and global competitiveness of associate degree students.

The Achieving the Dream: Community College Counts program involves in excess of 100 institutions in 22 different states.

"It's the largest privately-funded community college initiative in the history of community colleges," Dan Schenk, chancellor of Ivy Tech's Evansville campus, tells the Courier Press.

And through the scheme community colleges around the US will be aided in developing information-based strategies to help their students reach and fulfil their potential.

This includes access to on-campus coaching with faculty, staff and leadership and assistance with data collection and analysis.

Mr Schenk explained to the news provider that as a result of the Achieving the Dream program, Ivy Tech is using data analysis in particular to help students.

A number of member organizations may want to consider investing in improved data collection and data quality tools to complement the process.

Posted by Paul Newman